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We offer our clients the operational and administrative management of their business in the United States.

Internationalize your company in a timely, efficient and organized way,
from your computer or mobile device, 100% virtual.

You don’t need to be physically in a physical office to be able to do business: prospect customers, sell, deliver, and satisfy customers. We take care of your virtual office.

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All the Advantages of an Office, without the Office

Internationalize your company in a timely, efficient and organized way,
from your computer or mobile device, 100% virtual

Access to qualified personnel and professional services to execute your accounting, administrative and support operations.

Virtual Bookkeeper. Our professional accounting team will help your business move forward with the critical financial information you need to make informed decisions.

Virtual Public Accountant. Recommendations from professionals with experience in bi-national accounting and tax preparation consulting and practice.

Virtual Back-Office Assistant. Day-to-day operations support staff such as billing, vendor payment, inventory control, product management, and database maintenance.

You do not need a physical office to do business in the United States. You can enable a Virtual Address for your business that can serve as your legal, legal and postal address for your company.

Virtual Address.  You can have a business address corresponding to a physical space in Texas, which includes a physical mailbox for receiving mail, weekly mail collection, physical hold until delivery to the customer, digitization and mail delivery, with the prior authorization of the customer. We even deposit checks at your bank.

Optional.  Meeting room, work space desks, dedicated offices.

We help you implement the right processes, infrastructure and operations to keep your business moving forward with the critical financial information you need to make informed decisions, as well as the essential administrative activities for your business. From day one, we help you establish the most appropriate processes for your company’s business type and the opera industry. We integrate experience and best business practices.

Finance, Accounting. Accounting and financial reporting activities: recording, storing and processing financial transactions for your international business.

Tax Preparattion and Financial Reporting. All tax preparation fees can be grouped into your monthly accounting costs to create a single, consistent expense for your financial function.

Administrative and support operations.  We enable the routine operating tasks of your company: customer billing, receipt of invoices and payment to suppliers, inventory and product catalog management, master data management. We advise you to implement efficient processes, with the greatest possible automation and integration, minimizing human interaction, but ensuring full compliance, data security and separation of responsibilities.

Commercial applications to support your international operation and meet your local obligations and regulations. 

Virtual Information Technologist. Your company may have the most advanced business applications and technology solutions to support your business model. We help you decide the most suitable application architecture for your business and we configure them from day one, ready to do business.

Business Applications in the Cloud.  All business applications run in the cloud, ensuring versatility and flexibility with scalability for growth. We provide software applications as a service and third-party services, integrated into your monthly fee. We are certified partners of the leading small business software companies in North America.

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XERO Beautiful Business ®

At MX Virtual Office we work with XERO ®, excellent software for online financial management.

Connected solutions, easy to use and without complications.

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We implement business software applications for small businesses.

MX Global Center is a certified partner of innovative small business business software companies.

We have evaluated the top software companies that offer business solutions for small businesses in various industries. We have analyzed and tested the best options in integrated environments, where all applications run in the cloud.

Roger AI

Roger AI will speed up the workflow of your accounts payable, allowing the import and direct synchronization of all your invoices to your accounting application and making your invoice payment process as easy as clicking a button on your phone. No more paper checks, no more double data entry. Instead, you will have more time to focus on what really matters.

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We have partnered with Gusto to provide payroll services. We provide payroll tools that you will really love to use, and your employees will love them too. Your monthly rate gives you access to an unlimited number of payrolls during the month, federal and state tax filings, W2 preparation, and an employee portal for access to payroll and pay stubs.

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Online payments. Stripe is the best software platform to manage a business on the Internet. We handle billions of dollars each year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

It is a fully integrated set of payment products.

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