What is Softlanding?

Soft Landing is the controlled launch of a business in a new market, powered by the knowledge and experience of industry experts. It is a program for companies that want to expand to a new market without investing all their resources at first.

The organization does not divert attention from its core operations. Companies looking to launch into a new country have a lot to consider. Entering a country, a new market, is a great investment that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is complicated and risky, but softlanding makes the process easier. It is possible to test the market, position your brand and enable operations as the subsidiary grows.
Through softlanding, companies can take calculated risk by launching their business with a qualified partner, such as MX Global Center and its associates around the world. This softlanding partner is already established in the new market, has a network of partners and resources to be ready to connect and conduct business.

El programa Soflanding de MX Global Center opera bajo 5 principios fundamentales


Extensive experience in launching companies to new markets

We know how to successfully test the market and expand because we have helped many times before.

We have experts familiar with the market in which the company is launching, even some experts from our network operate within it.

We have a full network of local and international partners and resources in many different industries. We can easily connect the foreign company with the local ecosystem


Faster, more agile and adaptable. Adjustable and flexible business models.

As part of softlanding, we can help the company set up a physical or virtual location for the company’s launch in the United States. This service can save a lot of money on rent, but it also helps the company establish credibility in its new market.

We also help you implement the initial processes, under American business practices and regulations, and we can even support you in the operation of your business.


More efficient. Professional management. Support in the coordination of the internationalization project and the resources that your company needs.

MX Global Center handles all project management and human resources associated with the launch. Our operation team can assist in the recruitment, negotiation and training processes. Our program can also manage equipment abroad, in accordance with the objectives established by the foreign company. In this way, launching the company into the new market can save time and focus on the overall strategy.
MX Global Center has developed specialized products and services for the soft landing of companies in new markets.


Lower cost. You don't need to invest in a full launch, just what it takes to test the market and find your customers

The softlanding program costs much less than going to market alone, on your own. Because the company is only testing the market during softlanding, it doesn’t have to invest in a full launch. Therefore, companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on launch.


Lower risk. In a accompanied landing, there is less risk than jumping alone to start the business

In a accompanied landing, there is less risk than launching yourself. The softlanding program is controlled, which means that MX Global Center, as a strategic partner, supports the test of the new market for the company in the process of internationalization. Reliable resources are used and specific and achievable milestones are established to measure the traction of the company abroad.

The Softlanding Program

The objective of Softlanding is to enable the legal entity for your company, comply with the fiscal and regulatory framework, and start operations in the United States through the comprehensive activation of your company based on the initial needs identified for the business. 

Those needs are assessed in 7 areas of the Softlanding program, including basic services to operate for one year.

Our Softlanding program considers 7 fundamental areas in the creation of a new company


Internationalization Diagnosis


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